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DOCUMENTS required for the APPLICATION form / CV
at SEA                                                    at SHORE
- PASSPORT valid at least 1 year                        - PASSPORT  valid at least 2 years       
- US VISA  valid at least 1 year                            - INSURANCE: Travel, Health & Life!  
- SEAMAN'S BOOK valid at least 9 months
       - INTERVIEW Form as shown by SMPWR
- ROU LICENCE valid at least 9 months              - YELLOW FEVER, valid at least 1 year
- ROU Endorsment of License or                        - APPLICATIONS for <WORK PERMIT> &
- ROU Certif Of Competency for Ratings              <VISA>will be carried out with the help
- IMO Courses + SSD + "SSO" for Officers            of our staff.
- State Flag documents, if any                             - QUALIFICATION CERTIFICATES for req. psn.
- YELLOW FEVER, valid at least 1 year                  (Education & Training)
- Two pictures, passport type                              - MEDIATION Agreement FILE drawn up by
                                                                            our company SIMMIT MANPOWER.
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Click on below item 1 or 2 in order to download the proper file for employment application:
DISCLAIMER: The documents shown above in order to work at sea or at shore are indicative only as  part
                         of the first stage following to be completed with others required by the Employer for every job!