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Human Resources - Manning Services
"The uncertainty of change - shipping's crewing crisis!"
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SIMMIT MANPOWER management is performing his services in such a way as to
relieve the ship Owner/Manager of any overload work connected with the manning of
vessels and/or at shore activities. .
We are able to provide the qualified Romanian Personnel in accordance with IMO-    
STCW'95 (2010 Manila amendments) and ILO MLC 2006 Conventions for the following
areas of activity:  
                  1. Seafarers of all ranks for all types and sizes of vessels.       
                2. Marine (Safety, Health & Quality) Superintendents & Technical Superintendents;
                3. Crewmembers for Hotel, Restaurant, Deck & Engine Department for PAX, Ferries and River Cruises;  
                4. CREW for Fishing Boats and Processors vessels;
                5. Offshore Crew for Oil Rigs and Gas Companies;  

Workers for various factories, Taxi drivers;
Workers in constructions (Home & Industrial) from unqualified worker up to
Specialized Hotel Personnel and Restaurant qualified personnel for any rank/position;
Personnel to pay care of Old Peoples (Care Assistants) at old man's home or in private
nursing homes ;
Baby Sitters;
Head Hunting: Executive Directors for various institutions (Banks, Air Lines, Factories,
                                                                                                                     various Projects, etc.).       
Recruitment of traveling riding crew like engineers, inspectors, fitters and
sandblasters, painters onboard vessels for maintenance purposes during voyages or
in shipyards;
Medical examination check-up and fitness certificates;
Flag State Applications arranged as filling registered agent;
Contract formalities;  
Supply of working gear;
Ticketing and visa issuance formalities;   
Crew accounting and payment of crew wages/allotments;   
Insurance of crew effects;
Crew and workers planning.