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                                                                   Posted:   14-Jun-2018
                                                                   Validity:  31-Aug-2018
Site Superintendent
He is the de facto head of site operations, most often known as
the site superintendent.

Construction Managers
They oversee the various construction activities and
coordinate the day-to-day activities on the site. They schedule
contractors and material deliveries. They can also direct the
activities of other workers on the site.
Require both experience and expertise. Hiring the right people
for this position is made easier by working with a technical

Site Engineers
Civil engineers are involved in the drafting and planning of a
new building.
Unlike civil and environmental engineers, these people work on-
site to engineer the project as it’s coming together.
They’re the ones responsible for solving engineering issues
that crop up during construction and they also revise
engineering plans and communicate problems.

Both exterior and interior designers are required.
We need two designers at our construction site. The designers
need to visit the
physical site from time to time.
Interior designers in particular will need to be present in the
physical space on a fairly regular basis. Once the walls are up,
they can begin their work.

Metal Fabricators
High-rise office and condominium buildings use metal in their
framework and many industrial buildings make ample use of
metal in their construction.
We wish to hire experienced metal fabricators…


Posted:   16-July-2018
          Validity:  23-July-2018

SIMMIT MANPOWER Co. Ltd. is currently looking for AB with
knowledge and will of cooking for 6 crewmembers on vessels of
abt 3000 t Dwt, Netherlands flag.
Number of posts offered: 2 x ABs (on different vessels).

- Watchkeeping Certificate (STCW - II/5)
- valid Passport, Seamans’book, Medical certificate, Basic Safety
 training, Security Awareness and Proficiency in designated
 security duties.
- English must be good.
- Cook diploma could be an advantage but not mandatory.

We offer:
- Salary: 1600 Euros / month
- Contract: 3 months
- Positions available:  immediately
- Trade area: North Sea.

  If you are interested and willing to get this job please apply
immediately sending your Employment Application form to
For more details, please call us at: +4 0241 545 606 or
+4 0735 577 026.

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We are posting herewith a few jobs for which it's very hard to find candiadates.
For other vacancies please visit our office or contact us by one of the bellow
pictograms (available on the Website):
                                                                                  Posted:   14-Jun-2018
                Validity:  31-Aug-2018
SIMMIT MANPOWER Co. Ltd. is looking for a Violinist & Cellist for
the PAX vessel "Panstar Dream"
months. However, it can be negotiable.  
2. WAGE - USD 2,000 (it will be increased every contract surely.)
getting a South Korean visa (for 1 year)
4. WORKING TIME TABLE - Embarkation: 1400 ~ 1500PM
-  Main performance: 2030 ~ 2040PM
- Cafe performance: 2100 ~ 2200PM
-  Disembarkation: only Osaka (Japan) for 30 mins.
Total Working time around 2 ~ 3 hours per day.
5.- You must hold or take all the below training IMO courses for
working onboard of PASSENGER vessel:
a) Basic safety training and instruction = „Basic Training”
b) „Crowd Management”
c) Security awareness training for all seafarers
6. You must have the following valid documents:    
 Passport, - Seaman Book, - Yellow Fever certificate) &
 Criminal history.
If you accept and fulfill all above employment conditions, please,
send us your RESUME with your YOUTUBE Addres to

                                                                           Posted:   14-Jun-2018
            Validity:  31-Aug-2018

  • Home care workers – Rome, Italy
  • Occupation: Full occupation
  • Salary: 800 - 1300 € net / month
We are searching for caregivers at home for families in Italy.
No any commission / fee required for the recruitment service
provided by us to get the job. It’s free of charge!

The ideal candidate:
  • previous experience in assisting and caring for an old
    and/or sick lady;
  • knowledge of the Italian language at the conversational
    level is required;
  • depending on the needs of careers, the employee must
    provide social assistance.
  • Accommodation and meals offered by the employer;
  • Weekly rest, meal and accommodation are granted;
  • Paid leave, working contract.

- Quick departure;
- Pickup from the airport and accommodation & meals before
- Consultancy for the selection of the most suitable employing
- Transportation to the family house;
- Employment interview held at home by employer family

We are waiting your CV (with attached photo) for contact and
initial interview
at our e-mail address:
What do you finally get? - Employment! You get a job!
We have the proper solutions for you!
We are here to protect your interests, by securing a job, any time!
                                                                             Posted:   14-Jun-2018
                                                                             Validity:  15-Aug-2018
SIMMIT MANPOWER Co. Ltd. is looking to are actively recruiting
for the following positions:
1. Master  
2. Chief Officer
3. Deck Watch Officers
4. Chief Engineer
5. Second Engineer
6. Third Engineer
7. Fourth Engineer
8. Electrician Officer
Period of contract: 4 months
Salary: competitive
Crew on board: mixed
Shipowner: Greece
Vessel flag: Panama

  • Experience on board of such type of ships at least 12 months
or 3 (three) contracts in rank
  • Good English speaker
  • Mandatory STCW certificates are required from all applicants
  • USA visa: C-1/D required
"A vacant Job just at your fingertips!"
                       PROGRAM:                                                                                             ADDRESS:                                                                                                        
     Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:00 (GMT + 2)                                            19 Mercur Street, Constanta city, 900699 ROMANIA                      +4 0241 545 606                                 +4 0341 176 750  
A/B willing additionally to cook
(TIMONIER cu cunoștințe in bucatarie și
voința de a gati pentru 6 membri echipaj)
Violinist & Cellist on PAX ship
CREWMEMBERS for Oil/Chemical tankers
Job offers for seamen